A downloadable Apex 2600 for Windows

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Apex legends is all the rage at the moment but sometimes, in order to really appreciate how far we;ve come, we need to go back in time.

Apex 2600 is a recreation of Apex Legends in the style of the legendary Atari 2600 adapting it's mechanics and feel of the game (as well as I could).

If you enjoyed this demake, please share it and make sure to leave a comment or suggestion.

I hope you enjoy playing the game and see you next time.


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Apex 2600 installer.rar 7 MB
overwatch 2600.zip 2 MB


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this game is really cool, the only problem with it is that enemies keep shooting me from out of camera which makes it particularly hard

Just like when they match you with hackers in Apex Legends :(

wait so there is still hackers in this game, huh, guess you learn something every day

So true...

thi games funnn

Thanks a lot for giving the game a try. Nothing makes a dev happier than people enjoying their work

ye they might take off one day i know it

Wouldn't that be a thing?

Thanks for the support, mate.

as i said np they game is going to take people are going to love it

awesome i love demakes i made a fortnite demake myself im trying to say 


Awesome. Is there a way I can check it out?

yeah i uploaded it to itch.io you can play 

also could you make a html version

Great, I'll try to give it a try

I've not played apex legends because I hate wasting my time on AAA- EA games lootboxes battle royale bullshit conveyor, but had played your game and it's awesome! Of course it lacks some stuff like character selection and maybe different gun styles.

Thanks. That means a lot

Hey! Is it possible to play on mac?  For some reason I can't open the rar file with Unarchiver... I want to play! :)

Hello Brett. Thank you very much for being interested in my game but for the moment I'm not able to build a mac version. My greedy engine wants me to buy an extra module for Mac and I can't justify buying it for the moment. I will make sure to let you know if I change my mind.  Again, thanks for your interest.

Cool! I understand.  I will try to find a PC to play on :)

I like your game

Thank you very much

I hope everyone likes my game